Artificial Insemination:

Together with my colleague Brian Perry (BGS Licensed Judge, successful goatbreeder & Head of Biology Dept for 30yrs) we run BGS Approved Goat AI Courses.

Please click here to see our attached syllabus.

If possible we do Section 1 early evening of day one, with Section 2 the following morning and Section 3 after lunch. Plenty of time is needed to allow all candidates to undertake the practical aspects of the course until they feel confident.

While we cover all of our syllabus in detail we also try to create an informal atmosphere which will help candidates relax and enjoy the course. We each provide a set of notes for candidates to keep for reference.

To make it easier Brian & I will visit you. If one candidate is willing to host the course and invite a few others to join in we find that works better than everybody having to be away from home which is often not possible for goatkeepers. Distance is no object and all candidates share our travelling expenses which is usually cheaper for everybody. We ran a successful and very enjoyable course in Ireland for the Irish Goat Producers Association in Sept 2006 and are off again to the Emerald Isle in Nov 2008.

Since our first course at the home of Jane Miller’s Charnocks Herd (Lancs) Mch ’05 we have trained many new inseminators at various locations around the UK, including some vets, and are thrilled when we hear of their successes. Recently commercial goatkeepers have started taking an interest too. One commercial course has taken place in 2008 and others are in the pipeline. AI is a valuable and affordable breeding tool for all goatkeepers. Courses for Golden Guernsey breeders were popular in 2009. We held one at Streatley in Berks for five GG goatkeepers and another on the Channel Island of Guernsey for 15 goatkeepers. Our largest group to date. Candidates came from Guernsey, Jersey & Sark + two very keen GG breeders from South Wales!

Courses took place in 2010 & 2011 at Rowington, Warks courtesy of Miss Fay Ogden & her pure Toggs.

In 2012 a course took place at Sharon Peacock's Cockerham Boer Herd in Lancashire.

And 2013 found us running a course at another Boer Herd in Derbyshire owned by Ian Johnson.

During 2015 two courses were held. In October hosted by Linda Barnett & her sister-in-law Linda Keys Barnett at their Devese Herd in Hampshire:-  And in November at Phil Ormerod's commercial herd near Skipton.

Liquid nitrogen tanks can be supplied to order and I can also help you set up a top-up service at the best price available. Please get in touch if you would like any further details about anything connected with goat AI.

Most goat AI items are available to purchase at AI Courses or directly from me by post.

Please contact me for current availability/price of frozen semen. In addition to semen for export I also stock a small selection of frozen semen for domestic use in the UK including Golden Guernsey. This stock is constantly changing so please email or phone for the latest news.

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